NeuroCoRe Research Activity - Volunteers needed (studies below)

NeuroCoRe is regularly delivering empirical studies either independently or with a number of academic / clinical collaborators. Our interests are in the development of innovative tablet based assessment tools that tap cognitive function and measure cognitive decline. We are currently running studies involving healthy adults and adults with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease.

We lead a clinical trial called the Cognitive Computerised Assessments Programme of Studies (CoCoA). CoCoA is approved by and listed on the NIHR Register for neurodegenerative research. CoCoA is a programme containing a series of studies.  CoCoA:Inspect is our University based (non-clinical) evaluation of our measures in healthy adults.

Current studies: (click each to read more):

CoCoA AD:  Two groups of peple are being recruited - aged over 65 who are (1)healthy or have (2) Alzheimer's dementia.

Information for potential volunteer participants...

CoCoA Alzheimer's Disease II (study)

What are the aims of this study?

We would like to see whether computer-based tests of thinking and memory give us more accurate information and are easier for patients to complete than paper-based tests. We are particularly interested in the neurodegenerative condition known as Alzheimer’s disease, and are looking for patients with this condition, as well as those without neurodegenerative disorders.

Who can volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers aged over 65 who have either a diagnosis of early Alzheimer's Dementia or are healthy and interested in supporting dementia research.

What does the study involve?

Taking part in a 2 hour (approx.) session (at a clinic)

Will taking part interfere with your treatment?

No, your medication and care will not be affected by you deciding for or against taking part in this study.

How can I find out more?

You can call us from the contacts page on this website or by telephoning us at 01725 432048 (8am to 4.30pm week days and a voicemail service)

You can also click patient participant or healthy participant to read the respective participant information sheets.


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