The Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE) is one of the most popular and commonly used cognitive tests used in dementia clinics and in the assessment of other neurological disorders.

ACEmobile is the latest version of the ACE (the ACE-3) with all of the advantages that computerisation offers. As a clinician, working in dementia clinics, ACEmobile provides a sensitive, reliable, secure and easy to administer clinical tool for you and your team to assess cognition as part of the process of assessing for dementia.

ACEmobile has the advantage that it supports staff who are less skilled and experienced to reliably and accurately assess cognition with the ACE. Because the data collection is electronic, it allows ACEmobile to be an easy to use audit and research tool.

Free since July 2014 - see website.

Project Leads: Dr Craig Newman / Dr Rupert Noad

Development Lead: Dr Craig Newman
Software Engineer Lead: Adrian Russell

Collaborators: PUPSMD, PHNT, NIHR, NeuRa.



Life can get busy. Keeping track of your epilepsy or general well-being may not be easy. National guidelines encourage regular review of your epilepsy with your GP, but this may only be once in a year.

How do you check your risk the rest of the time? EpSMon can help you self-monitor in between your visits to doctors. Fatalities including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) do happen in some people with epilepsy.

The good news is that the best protection is action to improve known risk factors. EpSMon will show you which risks are getting better, which have worsened and which have stayed the same so you can show this to your GP.

It can also help you decide whether to seek help earlier than your next planned visit. EpSMon is designed so that you can be aware of why and when a medical review of your epilepsy is important.

Planned launch, June 2015 - see website.

Project Lead: Dr Craig Newman

Development Lead: Dr Craig Newman
Software Engineer Lead: Adrian Russell
Collaborators: Plymouth University; Cornwall Foundation NHS Trust; Royal Cornwall Hospital and SUDEP Action.

Current Software Projects (in R&D)


A smartphone based clinical tool for assessing motor functioning (validated against gold standard alternatives, norms study underway)

oReTap - PD

A smartphone based tool for the assessment of Parkinson's Disease severity (proof of concept study completed)

oReExecF Battery

Validity testing of 3 novel tablet based assessments of executive functioning including CoReTMT, CoReKnox and CoRePraxisL (2 out of 3 tests validated against gold standard and in clinical populations, test 3 is in trial currently)

oRePraxis Battery

Validity testing of 4 novel tablet based assessments of executive functioning including iPraxisL, iPraxisTap, iPraxisMap and iPraxisV (in trial currently)


Validity of a delayed ACE recall paradigm for early detection of prodromal AD (in trial currently)

Software in design

oncepts in R&D

NeuroCoRe ExecF Search
NeuroCoRe VisuoSpatial Wires
NeuroCoRe PAL